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We use aluminum boats from the manufacturer, Linder. These are seaworthy and robust boats that we have been very happy with for over twenty years. We have three boat types to choose from.

Become the captain for a day with our versatile rental boats! Choose between Linder Arkip’s impressive 40 horsepower and room for six adventurous souls, Linder Sportman’s vigorous 25 horsepower and room for five sailors, or the Linder Fishing 440 with 6 horsepower perfect for four fishing enthusiasts. These aluminum boats are not only reliable and safe, but also known for their stability and comfort.

Linder fishing

No wonder we have been loyal to Linder for over twenty years!

Linder 460 Arkip

Ready to cast a line and enjoy a day on the Trondheimsfjord? With our Linder Arkip, equipped with 40 horsepower of pure power, you are well equipped for an exciting fishing experience!

This boat makes it easy and quick to maneuver through the Trondheimsfjord, which makes it perfect for fishing both in the innermost areas of the fjord and in the sought-after fishing area of ​​Hitra. Throw out the line and let the adventure begin in style and comfort on board our reliable Linder Arkip.

Linder 445 Sportsman Max

Are you ready to experience the ultimate all-round boat with style and functionality? Designed for family adventures, our Linder 445 Sportsman MAX is ideal for fishing and quick transit. This boat is stable, easy to maneuver and has a unique hull construction that gives you security and comfort out on the water. With a powerful 25 horsepower engine, you can easily explore new waters.

The Linder Sportsman Max has a modern dark blue design for the coming season, a perfect combination of style and functionality. The boat has practical storage space in front of and under the seats, as well as an aluminum door, bathing ladder and automatic bilge pump for extra convenience. With class 3 approved locking eyes fore and aft, as well as a number of features such as a console, electrical system and grab bar with pulpit, this really is a boat that has it all.

Linder 440 Fishing

Set sail for adventure with our versatile and reliable Linder 440 Fishing – the perfect rowing boat for family outings and fishing adventures. With a robust, riveted construction and a compact design, this boat is ideal for both beginners and experienced boating enthusiasts. With a 6 horsepower motor, you can explore the Trondheimsfjord with ease.

The 440 Fishing has smart storage space in the rear and middle seats. With the market’s lowest fuel consumption of 0.11 liters per nautical mile at a speed of seven knots with one person on board, this is not only a practical boat, but also an environmentally friendly choice for you and your adventures.

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