Welcome to our wonderful fisherman’s paradise! The house on the farm is like a rare pearl in the sea – old, but with an upgrade that makes it shine like a newborn cod. With five bedrooms that can accommodate an entire football team (almost), large families will feel right at home in this sea-facing oasis.

The brand new kitchen is a foodie’s dream, complete with appliances that will make even the potatoes clap their hands with joy. Internet and smart TV are available for those who need a little break from all the nature-inspired fun. And talk about grilling! The lovely barbecue area in the garden will make your taste buds and the absent neighbors’ jealousy explode like a herring in a barrel.

Kitchen and grill

The bedrooms

In our lovely bedrooms you will find an oasis of calm and comfort, ready to welcome you after a long day of fjord adventure. With five cozy bedrooms and a total of ten comfortable sleeping places, there is more than enough space to lie down and dream of tomorrow’s catch.

Ironing freshly laundered bed linen will welcome you with open arms, like a friendly hug after a cold dip in the fjord. Here you can lay your head on the pillow with a feeling of luxury and well-being, and let your dreams take you on maritime adventures.

Sleep like a king, dream like a fisherman, and wake up ready to conquer the day with a satisfied smile and a belly full of the morning’s catch. In our lovely bedrooms you can really count on a night of sleep of royal proportions, in airy and comfortable nests ready to welcome you to a new day!

The living room

In our airy and spacious living room, you will feel the warmth and home comfort from the wood stove, as well as an efficient heat pump that ensures comfortable temperatures regardless of whether you have a fire or not. Sit down in one of the many comfortable chairs and enjoy a pleasant moment in front of the TV which offers Netflix and both Norwegian and German TV channels for entertainment whatever your mood.

With Wi-Fi available throughout the house, you can easily keep up to date and connect to the rest of the world while enjoying the incredible view through the new windows. Let the magnificent nature outside the living room windows take your breath away while you find peace and relaxation in this cozy and inviting living room.

Whether you want to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book or invite friends and family for pleasant evenings in good company, you will find that our living room offers the perfect setting for unforgettable moments and wonderful memories. Welcome to our warm home, where the heat from the wood, the heat pump and the view through the windows will accompany you through the days and evenings with joy and harmony.

The dining room

In our spacious dining room, you will find space for all the house’s residents at the large dining table, which invites you to pleasant meals and good conversations. The large windows provide a fantastic view over the Trondheimsfjord, and the veranda door gives you direct access to the lawn and outdoor barbecue area.

Enjoy the spectacular sunsets as you sit down to the table and let yourself be enchanted by the majestic fjord landscape that surrounds you. With freshly caught fish straight from the fjord straight onto the grill, you will experience the taste of real local food that cannot be compared.

Let yourself be enchanted by the Trondheimsfjord while you enjoy every moment in our lovely dining room. Welcome to a place where the taste of real local food mixes with the fantastic view and where good meals and cozy gatherings become part of everyday life.

The bathrooms

We have two bathrooms. In the small bathroom, you are welcomed to an intimate oasis with only a toilet and a sink. This room is perfect for short and sweet moments, whether it’s a quick pit stop or a quiet place for some “me time”. Here you can relax and breathe in peace and quiet.

In the second bathroom you are greeted by pure luxury! Here we have installed a large shower that really takes the bathroom experience to new heights. Enjoy the moments in this fashionable room and let yourself be enchanted by the comfort.

The basement

In our cellar you can expect a functional and practical space that is ideal for handling all fishing-related tasks. With a tiled floor and easy cleaning, it is easy to maintain cleanliness even after the messiest of fishing sessions.

The cellar has solid benches that give you plenty of work space to prepare and fillet your fish. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just want to enjoy the freshest fish for dinner, this room is designed to meet your needs.

Enjoy the modern and practical layout of our fishing cellar, where you can carry out all the steps from preparation to handling the catch in an efficient way. Whether it’s a simple fish fillet or an extensive seafood feast, our cellar is the perfect place to make your fresh fish experience something special.


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